Even though you did not plan on becoming a parent at this point in your life, parenting may be the choice for you. While it may seem daunting, there are so many resources available to support you and make parenting a feasible option for you. At Abiding Care, we offer a variety of services and support to assist you if you decide to parent.

Is Parenting Right for You?

When you are considering parenting, you likely have a ton of thoughts rushing through your head. Take a deep breath. At Abiding Care, it is our mission to help you navigate those thoughts. We are here to discuss all of your options and to answer any questions you may have.

You likely didn’t think about the possibility of becoming a parent before you found out you were pregnant and don’t know where to start. We know the key considerations you need to evaluate and want to help you find the best option for you.

Make an appointment to meet with our staff and discuss parenting as an option for your pregnancy.

Parenting Classes

Our help doesn’t end after the last ultrasound.  Should you choose to parent, we are here to support you in that.  Come relax in our cozy education area, enjoy a hot or cold beverage, and learn how to be the best parent you can be – and earn items you need for a new baby (see more below).   This is a safe place to learn, talk and grow!  Have small children already?  Not a problem!  We have created a very special and fun place just for them.  These classes are for individuals or couples.  We have so many classes to choose from – from basic infant care to the Toddler Years, how to co-parent or single parent well to life skill classes and much more.

Baby Boutique

Need help with things for baby?  Welcome to our Baby Boutique!  For every class you take, you earn points which can then be spent in the boutique.  From diapers to cribs and car seats, we’ve got you covered!  Need more than one item?  You can take as many classes as we have – which is quite a few!

You are more loved than you know