Top 7 Pregnancy Symptoms

This woman is considering all of her pregnancy symptoms.

Think you may be pregnant after missing your period? There are numerous pregnancy symptoms you can experience during this time. The thought of unplanned pregnancy may bring fear, excitement, or doubt. No matter what happens, know you are not alone and you have options if you are pregnant. 

Here are seven common pregnancy symptoms that could point to pregnancy:

1. Missed Period

If a week or more has gone by without the start of your period, you may be pregnant. This all depends on your normal menstrual cycle and how consistent it tends to be. If your period is often irregular, this symptom may not indicate pregnancy.

2. More Frequent Urination 

If you find yourself urinating more than normal, you could be pregnant. During pregnancy, the amount of blood in your body increases. This causes your kidneys to process more fluid which ends up in your bladder, causing you to urinate more frequently.

3. Nausea 

Nausea with or without vomiting is a very common sign you’re pregnant. It may happen at any time of the day and begin a month after you become pregnant. Some women experience nausea earlier in their pregnancy and some don’t experience it at all. Pregnancy hormones may play a big role in how you experience this pregnancy symptom. 

4. Tender Breasts

This discomfort can be experienced early in pregnancy due to hormonal changes. It can tend to make your breasts sore and sensitive at times. This pregnancy symptom tends to go away further into the pregnancy when your body adjusts to hormone changes.

5. Fatigue

This sign ranks high in the list for early pregnancy symptoms. You may feel really sleepy due to the extra progesterone in your body during pregnancy. 

6. Food Aversions

If you feel extra sensitive to specific foods or odors, it could be a sign of pregnancy. This is due to hormonal changes that happen in the body during pregnancy. It’s very normal to experience during your first trimester.

7. Mood Swings

This sign is quite obvious for you and those you live with. The number of hormones being released in your body early in pregnancy can make you very emotional and sensitive. This can be somewhat disorienting if you don’t usually experience mood swings, but know this is a normal sign of pregnancy.

How Do I Confirm My Pregnancy Symptoms?

If you are experiencing one or more of these pregnancy symptoms, your next step is to confirm your pregnancy. After taking a pregnancy test at home, receive lab-quality pregnancy testing and an ultrasound to make sure. Confirming your pregnancy will bring peace of mind and confidence to make your next step. Talk to us today if you have any pregnancy symptoms questions or if you want to move forward with your options.

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