• Think you might be pregnant?

    Breathe. Help is here.


    We are here to come alongside women facing an unplanned pregnancy with help and support. 

  • We are here for you 24/7!

    Because sometimes you can't wait until office hours.


    Click the nurse icon at the bottom of the screen and talk privately with a nurse, live, 24/7!

  • Don't parent alone

    Feeling overwhelmed and alone in your parenting? We are in your corner!


    Make an appointment today to get enrolled in our parenting program!

  • When you need to know

    Am I pregnant or not? Not knowing can be stressful.


    We can help with a free ultrasound, which is the best way to confirm a pregnancy.

    Hello! We are glad you are here!

    We understand this might be a scary and crazy time for you.

    We hope we can be a shelter in your storm.

    Whatever you are facing right now – whether it’s an unplanned pregnancy, the potential of an STD (sexually transmitted disease) a possible miscarriage, or feeling overwhelmed as a new parent, we want you to know we are here for you.  You are not alone.

    Whether you need medical services or support services, we have staff ready to come alongside you.  If you need to talk to a nurse now and it’s outside of our normal business hours, feel free to use the live, 24/7 nurse chat below.  It can be scary to reach out for help, especially about things that can be hard to talk about. But know that we are a safe space, free of judgement.  Many of us here have been where you are. We are just glad you are here.

    Free & Confidential Women's Health Services

    Tests & Procedures

    Pregnancy Tests to Verify
    Ultrasounds to Confirm Pregnancy
    Information on Options
    STD/STI Testing & Treatment

    Resources & Supplies

    Parenting Classes
    Life skill Classes
    Free Prenatal Vitamins
    Earn Baby Items
    (diapers, car seasts, cribs and more)

    Assistance & Support

    Referrals for prenatal care
    Referrals to other agencies

    Request an appointment online!


    everything’s free.

    At Abiding Care Center, we offer free and confidential women’s health support including reproductive and sexual health.


    Plus, it’s easier than ever to request a free appointment online or just ask a question. 

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