It’s not your fault

For anyone who has been sexually assaulted, abused, or had anyone take advantage of you in any way, we want you to know two things:

  1. It’s not your fault.
  2. There is hope and healing.


Your question might be, can Abiding Care help me?

We have resources and referrals for someone in your position because we believe you deserve the best support and care.

Referrals.  While Abiding Care has resources for those facing pregnancy and other sexual health issues, we do not have professional counselors, which is what is truly needed with this level of trauma. What we can do is point you in the direction of someone who can give you the care you need to heal. Feel free to come to Abiding Care if you would like a referral.

Resources. While not counseling sessions, Abiding Care does offer classes on how to deal with past trauma. These classes could be a great supplement to professional counseling.

Sexual health services. If pregnancy or STDs are a concern, Abiding Care can help, at no cost to you.

If the situation is regarding a current relationship, Abiding Care offers information on healthy relationships. No one deserves any type of abuse. We understand that getting out may feel impossible or unsafe. So we offer a safe and confidential place to talk, take classes on healthy relationships and get help to find the courage to make the choice that’s best for you.  We can also connect you to other agencies and resources in our community, if needed. Getting healthy happens one step at a time. Take that first step today!