A Safe Space


“I’m scared and confused…”

“I can’t do this alone…”

“I have no support and no one who understands…”

These are just some of the many thoughts you may be having if you think you’re pregnant and it wasn’t planned. You’re pretty sure you don’t want this, and you’re almost certain the father of the baby doesn’t want this either.

It’s okay to feel overwhelmed. You don’t have to make your next step alone – there is help.

So, what now? Press pause and take the time to learn more. 


Step 1: Get the facts.

Before you take the next step, you first need to find out if you’re truly pregnant. Pregnancy tests are not a sure-fire diagnosis. You’ll need an ultrasound to both confirm the pregnancy is viable and to know how far along you are.

That’s why Abiding Care offers free pregnancy tests and ultrasounds. You can book your appointment here.


Step 2: Understand your options.

If the ultrasound confirms your pregnancy, you should take some time to understand all your options.

Whether you choose parenting, abortion, or adoption, you need to understand the risks and benefits associated with each option. Unbiased guidance from educated individuals can help you navigate this decision-making process.


Step 3: Ask questions.

Making the best choice is a process, and it’s important to have someone there to listen, ask questions, and develop a plan should you want to change course.

Regardless of your decision, you need a support system – a safe place to stop and think about your options. 

Abiding Care is a safe and confidential center that offers free resources to help you navigate your pregnancy and the decisions that lay ahead.