She’s pregnant?

She’s pregnant. She’s pregnant!

Now what? What is your role? What are your rights? How can you support her?

First, take a deep breath. If this is an unexpected pregnancy, she is in shock too. There are likely a lot of thoughts filling her head.

How will I…

How can we…

I’m not ready to be a parent…

I can’t afford a child…

I’m too young…

She needs you to be there for her. To let her know it will be okay. That you can work through this together. A good starting point would be to come to Abiding Care. Services are free and confidential. Our nurses are here to help you work through all your questions. There are no “stupid questions” – our nurses want to hear what’s going through your mind.

And again, breathe. Give yourselves time to slow down and let everything sink in. Seek out someone you trust before you make any decisions. Whether that means coming to Abiding Care or talking with a trusted family member or friend.

Then you might be wondering what role you, as father of the baby, play in everything. Do you have rights?

You have a responsibility to speak up and be involved in the decision.

Maybe you feel overwhelmed and don’t like the thought of having a child. It’s important for you to know it’s illegal for you to coerce her toward abortion. Examples of coercion would be threats to not pay child support or threats to kick her out.  Also know, if she decides to have an abortion, that decision is ultimately up to her and her alone.

So, what can you do if you don’t want an abortion for your child?

Learn the facts. Understand what abortion is and how it could affect both of you. Be open with her about what you learn.

Offer to support her. Listen to her.

Step up and learn how you can become the dad you need to be. Abiding Care can connect you with a male parenting coach. The coach will support you, guide you and help you learn to be a great dad.

We know you both may be feeling overwhelmed. But know you have someone – or a whole group of “someones” – in your corner at Abiding Care. Contact our nurse text line anytime (715-575-9566) or call us during business hours to get set up with an appointment.

We are here for both of you!