Apple Tracking and Human Trafficking – What You Need to Know

In a world where technology is always advancing it is essential that people know how to keep themselves safe. From carrying protection with you when walking alone to always keeping an eye on your drink at a party, there are some important risks that everyone should be aware of.

One such risk is relatively new, but it can be incredibly dangerous nonetheless: tracking through Apple AirTags. Keep reading to learn more about the dangers of being tracked and how to avoid it.

What is Tracking? How is it Accomplished?

Tracking involves having your movements and location tracked without your knowledge. This would typically be done through social media, GPS, or something like Find My iPhone – all things that would require effort, knowledge, and access to your personal information or phone.


With Apple AirTags and similar devices, tracking can be accomplished easier than ever before. Apple AirTags are small, round discs that were created to help you find lost objects. You can link your AirTag to your phone and track the location of important things like your wallet or your purse.

 Unfortunately, these helpful devices can be used for nefarious purposes. When slipped into your pocket, bag, or car, an Apple AirTag could allow the owner to track your movements and see your location for as long as the device is close to you.

How to Prevent Being Tracked

If you have an iPhone or iPad, you can be notified within twenty-four hours if an AirTag is in your vicinity. There is also an app available for Androids. Typically, a notification will pop up informing you that an AirTag is moving with you after a few hours have passed. However, this timeframe can still leave you vulnerable to tracking.

There are several potential ways to cut down the risk of being tracked, even if you can’t totally prevent it. These include:

        Being vigilant when you are out, especially concerning your bags and your pockets.

        Checking your bag, pockets, and car after a night out or if you feel suspicious

        Using a BlueTooth scanner, which can identify devices nearby. If the same unknown device moves with you on the scanner, someone may be tracking you.

Unfortunately, it is hard to completely prevent the possibility of being tracked with an Apple AirTag. However, taking extra precautions can help you to feel more secure.

What to Do if You Are Being Tracked

If it turns out that you are being tracked, the first thing to do is to avoid going home; this can inform the tracker about your address. Instead, head straight to the nearest police station or public area. Contact the police and inform them of the incident.

If you have an idea of who could be tracking you, inform the police of this fact. You can also disable the AirTag by removing the battery located on the back. This may seem scary, but with these tips and remaining aware, you can cut down the risk of being tracked. With this knowledge, you can stay informed and stay safe. 

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