Taking Care of Yourself After an Abortion

If you’ve recently had an abortion, we are here for you. We understand the complex emotions surrounding an abortion decision and can provide practical advice on how to take care of yourself after an abortion. Considering an abortion or looking for self-managed abortion information? Make an appointment today for a free consultation and if needed,… Continue reading Taking Care of Yourself After an Abortion

Post Abortion Stress Syndrome – What is it?

Even though it’s a choice, the mental and psychological effects of abortion can be underestimated. Post-Abortion Stress (PAS) is defined as an individual’s struggle to express and work through thoughts and feelings about a pregnancy, an abortion, and striving to come to peace with oneself and others.

A Safe Space

Before an abortion, do your own research on the provider, clinic and the associated risks to the procedure to make a healthy and informed decision.

Financial Stress & Pregnancy

One of the most common pregnancy worries is money.

It’s usually the first place your thoughts go when you find out you’re pregnant.

“I can barely afford my bills right now, how will I ever be able to afford a baby?“

Before your thoughts start to spiral – take a deep breat and remember a few things.

Co-Parenting the Healthy Way

Co-parenting is a term that describes more than one person caring for a child. Typically, those who choose to co-parent were together at one point, but are now separated or divorced. These people still interact with each other to raise their children. Even when sharing the responsibility of parenting may seem impossible, there’s hope.