It’s complicated

It’s complicated. It’s more than just a relationship status on social media.  Often it’s reality – our reality.  And sometimes it’s a reality that can keep us from getting the help we need because it’s just so messy.  And sitting down and getting into the mess with a stranger…well, we’d just rather not.

But the good news is, at Abiding Care, we do complicated. It’s kind of our thing actually. Some of us have had our own ‘complicated’. We know how hard it can be to just walk through the door. So we try our best once you are here to make sure you feel welcomed and cared for. But don’t just take our word for it. Here’s some comments from recent patient exit surveys and what they have had to say about their experience here:

I felt comfortable.

The nurse was easy to talk to.

I felt very welcomed.

I felt safe and very well taken care of.

No judgment.

But you might be thinking, “Yeah, but like my mess is SO complicated and it’s embarrassing.” Yep, you and me both, sister. Talking about issues related to sex are never fun, but they are necessary.  Too many suffer needlessly because they are afraid to get help or ask questions. We encourage honest dialogue. We want this to be a safe place to ask all your questions.  We want you healthy, safe and informed. Most of all, we want you cared for.

So don’t let ‘it’s complicated’ hold you back from coming in – without a doubt- we do complicated!  Message us, call us, click our chat box to chat with a nurse, or stop in. We’d love to talk!