You have options… you have time

You got a positive test. You may feel like the pressure is on. You may feel the need to make a decision NOW.

But take a deep breath…

Give yourself time to think through your options.

Yes, you do have options.

And yes, you do have time.

The nurses at Abiding Care want to make sure you have the opportunity to be told about all of your options. They can help you get a picture of what adoption would look like for you. What parenting would look like for you. If you’re thinking abortion is the right option for you, they can help answer questions you might have.

If abortion is the choice you are leaning toward, you deserve to have informed consent. What does that mean? That means you have the right to know the risks, alternatives, and the reality of the choice before make your decision. And you deserve to be able to make your choice without the pressure of someone profiting from your decision. At Abiding Care, all services are free of charge. No one profits from the choice you make, so the pressure is off. The nurses are here to empower you to make your best decision. They are licensed medical professionals who will provide you with accurate medical information and compassionate care. They make it about YOU. Your needs. Your options.

The good news is, you have time. And our nurses are here to be your support. You don’t have to go it alone. You have a whole team in your corner. No pressure. Just support.

Take the time to slow down and explore your options. What would be best for you? How will that decision affect your future? Come to Abiding Care to learn more.